Install Reliable Framing and Support

Hire us for custom framing services in Los Altos, CA

A house's framing supports all of the vital components like windows, doors, walls and even the roofing system. If you're getting started on a new construction or remodeling project, trust AG Enterprises LLC for sturdy custom framing installations. We've been involved in custom framing projects and structural steel fabrication for over 30 years.

While framing for a cookie-cutter home design might be fairly straightforward, our custom framing services are perfect for unique home builds that require more advanced structural steel fabrication. Call today to schedule an appointment in Los Altos, CA.

Building sturdy homes in Los Altos and surrounding areas

While steel framing has been used in larger commercial projects for decades, it's slowly becoming more popular in residential construction. Some of the main benefits of steel framing include:

Superior durability against pests and moisture
Protection against earthquakes and lightning strikes
Resistance to house fires

Because steel won't add any fuel to a fire, many insurance companies offer discounts for steel-framed homes. If you'd like to know more about our structural steel fabrication services, contact us today.

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